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Your Turf Care FAQs Answered

We recommend having your synthetic turf professionally cleaned 2-4 times per year. The frequency
depends on the traffic and usage of the turf area.

Over time, your turf may develop odors, especially if it used by pets. Our cleaning process,
combined with our partnership with OxyTurf, is the optimal way to reduce and eliminate odors
emanating from your turf landscape. Treating your turf 2-4 times per year helps keep it smelling fresh
and like new.

With time and foot traffic, your turf will naturally lay down or become matted. It's crucial to have a
power broom brush the turf 2-4 times per year to stimulate the fibers and redistribute the infill. This
process ensures your turf remains upright and looking like new. Once turf becomes matted down, it's
challenging to restore its original appearance.

The duration of a cleaning depends on the square footage of your area and its traffic and usage. Most
jobs under 2000 sqft will take 2.5-4 hours, while larger jobs will vary.

The lifespan of synthetic turf varies based on the manufacturer your installer used. However, having
your turf maintained annually is the best way to ensure it looks, feels, and smells like new for as long as

While we cannot speak for all cleaning solutions, we use OxyTurf, which is safe for kids, pets, and the
environment. After a cleaning, once the turf has dried, your family and pets can safely utilize the turf

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